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Family Cooldown

Spotify has new rules in effect since August 2020 where accounts can only join the Family Plan once. Since this is controlled on the backend by Spotify, we cannot bypass it. Hence we leave forth the replacement procedure to circumvent it and enjoy your Spotify Premium like we've always provided.

Replacement Procedure

1. Replacement

Make sure you are logged into the Spotify account you used for your first upgrade. "Login with Spotify" on the Replace page to get your new activation key.

For best results, use a separate IP address to create your new account after you log out from your old account. There are very high chances of success as your two accounts will be unlinked and fresh.

2. Creation

A new account is always the answer to a long-lasting upgrade. Old accounts that are stuck with cooldowns and removals will be heavily risky to upgrade, being responsible for fast automated removals. The best way to get yourself an eternal upgrade is by creating a new account. You can use the Import Tools within this page to migrate all your account data within a matter of seconds

3. Upgrade

Use the new Spotify account and replacement key issued on the Upgrade page

Import Tools

You can use the following tools to import your account data (playlists, artists, likes, preferences, etc.) within a matter of seconds


Process ETA: 20-40 seconds

SpotMyBackup is a Spotify extraction tool using Spotify's official API to export/import your data to different Spotify accounts.

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Process ETA: 5-10 seconds

Trikatuka is a Spotify migration tool that uses the official API to facilitate the live transfer of data between two Spotify accounts.

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