Common Response Codes

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These are the common response codes you may receive after submitting an upgrade with us:

  • Queued • The upgrade has been queued and is en route to our backend service.
  • Processing • Our backend service has received the upgrade information and will process it shortly within a few minutes. Leave us a ticket if it has not processed within the hour.
  • Upgraded • Your account should be upgraded. Check your email for your upgrade status link & Premium invite confirmation.

In some instances, when the Upgrader Service is not provided with the correct data, it may return different response codes:

  • Incorrect Credentials • The username/password or email/password credentials provided is incorrect for your Spotify account.
  • Incorrect Country • The specified country does not match the country on your Spotify account.
  • Account Not Free • You are already a part of a Premium Plan; you will have to wait until your Premium expires to upgrade your account.
  • Family Cooldown • Your account is subject to the 12-month Family Plan change lock-in by Spotify. Read more about this issue here
  • Out of Invites • The country you specified is now out of stock; please use a different country. You can use our location changer
  • Upgrade Unavailable • An unknown error has occured, please contact support immediately.