Referral System

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The video explains in-depth how you can earn by referring traffic to our website.

We have a referral system live since 2018 for our customers to earn on every referred purchase. Currently, we offer 20% for referrals. You will get a corresponding credit for every key purchased by your referred buyer.

How does the referral system work?

We record visits by your referral URL and add a corresponding credit when your referred visitor makes a purchase. For every key, you get $1.00 in your balance.

You can use our advertisements & branding or make your own to advertise the website & the service and redirect visitors to your referral URL. We've had users who have earned hundreds in referred purchases, so join the club now!

How can I advertise?

You can use any form of marketing not limited to social media & referring your friends to the website. Some platforms where our current affiliate partners advertise are at:

  • Blogs managed with WordPress and Blogger.
  • Social media, including Instagram, Tiktok, Wattpad, Twitter & Facebook.
  • Instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Discord or Telegram.
  • Referring your friends & family over to our service after you've tried it.

We only believe that you should work with us as a referral if you have been satisfied with our service. If you are facing any issues we can solve, please leave us a ticket.

Referral System