Replacement Tips

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This video guides you through the replacement process and mentions essential tips to maintain a stable Family Plan.

To begin with, we are extremely sorry for any issues you may have experienced with the removal from a Family Plan. These removals happen because of our vast network size, miscommunication and the usual decision-making process in human lives. Generally, 80%+ of our Family Plans work without any issue. However, with this luck factor at play, some of our customers may experience interruptions to their Premium plans prematurely, before a year has passed.

How to replace?

To replace a faulty upgrade key, all you have to do is to head over to the Replacements page and authorize your Spotify account. You will receive a replacement key, which can be used to upgrade a new account of yours.

Using our reseller website, you can advertise the website as your website and redirect your customers there. You can use the functions for Upgrade, Replace & Account Migration via the white-label website, which would be all the needs your customers may require. All keys from will be valid on, so you can purchase keys in bulk from our website directly and dispense them onwards to your customers.

Be careful not to lose your Replacement link, as your new upgrade key will be enclosed within it. In case you have lost your key, please check your email, your Replacements history, or use the Retrieve Purchases function.

Why can't I upgrade the same account?

This limitation caused by a decision made by Spotify itself in August 2020. Since this is controlled on the backend, we cannot implement a solution of our own for it. You will only be able to switch plans once in 12 months; this includes switching between Premium Family Plans across countries.

As a workaround, you can create a new account and transfer content from the old account to the new one within a few steps; that would take a minute of your time. You can use our in-house migration tool or external tools to facilitate this process. You can also use our Register function to create an account for yourself from our site.

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How can I prevent plan removals?

As we have mentioned, there is a 20%~ luck factor that cannot be controlled. Approximately 80% of our customers end up with a stable Family Plan on their first try itself, some of which has lasted 3+ years and counting. There are, however, some tips you can follow to improve your chances with upgrades:

  • Use a username such as "Spotify User" or "Add Member" for your Spotify account.
  • Use a different device or IP address to register your new account.
  • Make sure to be logged out from your old account before creating a new account.
  • Waiting a few hours before trying to upgrade a freshly registered account.

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