Reseller Plan

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The video gives you a walk-through of our reseller system.

We have devised a mechanism for our customers, who are interested in reselling our service. We have made a white-label website ( and introduced reseller plans for the same purpose. We intend to make the service as reseller-friendly as possible, and we're open to any suggestions you may have for us; please drop us a ticket regarding it.

What is a white-label website?

A white-label website is a version of our website with all references to branding, pricing and services removed. The term comes from the concept of a white-label product. A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

Using our reseller website, you can advertise the website as your website and redirect your customers there. You can use the functions for Upgrade, Replace & Account Migration via the white-label website, which would be all the needs your customers may require. All keys from will be valid on, so you can purchase keys in bulk from our website directly and dispense them onwards to your customers.

What are the reseller plans?

We heavily believe in "economies of scale"; it is a concept we built our service around - by assembling an extensive trove of Family Plans for our Upgrader. We intend to offer the benefits of the same concept to our resellers - who are interested in purchasing keys in bulk quantities.

Reseller Plan

Our pricing slider automatically adjusts the price as per the number of keys selected. The more you purchase, the lower the price goes. The current pricing table is as follows:

1-4 keys $4.99/each
5-10 keys $4.49/each
11-25 keys $3.99/each
26-50 keys $3.49/each
51-75 keys $2.99/each
76-100 keys $2.49/each
“Friendly support & instant upgrades. My customers are always satisfied.”
– Alex Exiga (Reseller, circa 2018)
To summarize:

We have a very reseller-friendly interface for our service, having the following highlights:

  • White-label website for resellers.
  • Well-curated bulk pricing plan.
  • Priority support
  • Custom Discord roles for resellers.