Upgrade Process

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This video explains the upgrade process and shows you a step-by-step tutorial to upgrade your account to Premium.

The process has been simplified over time. It only requires three steps to complete - specify your Spotify account details, activation key & preferred country. The average time to process an upgrade is 5 seconds~ although it could take up to 1 minute in some cases. If your upgrade has not been processed after a few minutes, please contact us via the ticket center.

Is this legitimate?

Of course, we have been operational since 2018 and have supported hundreds of thousands of customers ever since. You can check our customer reviews on TrustPilot. We provide instant support via our website to existing & prospective customers alike.

How do you manage to offer so much just for $4.99?

We operate on the concept of economies of scale. By operating within its principles - lowering input costs, organizational effectiveness and spreading costs - we maintain a large collection of Family Plans from all over the world.

How long does the Premium last?

Our plans are covered by a 1-Year Limited Warranty that is specified in our Terms & Conditions page. We will offer both automatic and manual replacements as a warranty against your original purchase within the time period. However, the Family Plan may work up to 1-2 years without an issue in some instances. We still have customers who have been in Family Plans since 2018-19, with which they are seamlessly streaming music to date.

Reseller Plan
Stay tuned & enjoy streaming without interruptions with our service.

If you have faced any issues within the warranty period, please check the Replace page or drop us a ticket.